3 Reasons Your Consulting Business Isn’t Making Money…And How To Turn It Around

I've had so many projects in the works, that my blog has definitely taken a hit, but I'm back and ready to drop some knowledge. If you haven't noticed, consulting businesses are the new "in" thing. And, quite honestly, I love consulting. I do it. I have awesome clients. I help them make more money. [...]

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My Heartbreaking Confession and Why I Believe It Will Help You Succeed

Well, I debated and debated if I should share this, because it requires me to be very honest and vulnerable with you. My goal is to always help lead you to success, so I believe it is my responsibility to share this with you. So here I am writing it now. Before I share this [...]

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The Beauty of a Simple Conversion System

I’m getting ready to start a 6 Week Conversion Training and I’m totally excited as I’m writing this blog post. If you're anything like me, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your business operations and ROI. How do we get a larger return for our investment? One of the key principles I [...]

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The Shocking REAL Reason Why Your Business Sales Process Isn’t Making You The Money That You Deserve (And The Simple Fix)

Are you consistently struggling with the amount of time you spend working on your business, not being equivalent to the profits that you make? Are you wondering if this is ever going to turn around or will it be like this forever? UGH. Guess what?  I was in those shoes once.  My twins were barely [...]

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