The Beauty of a Simple Conversion System

//The Beauty of a Simple Conversion System

I’m getting ready to start a 6 Week Conversion Training and I’m totally excited as I’m writing this blog post.

If you’re anything like me, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your business operations and ROI.

How do we get a larger return for our investment?

One of the key principles I live by is – Always Be Improving.

But at the same time, there is so much information out there, that it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the “how-to’s”.

In my business, I want systems that are easy to implement but also bring about big results.

In case you are like me, and want to improve your bottom line,  I wanted to share this with you….

Today we’re going to talk briefly about the beauty of a simple conversion system, and by the end of it, you will have the right framework to build your own.

So this is one blog to take your time through and maybe consider reading twice. Just sayin’…

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By the way – my schedule has been really tight (soccer, volleyball, jiu-jitsu, cheer, robotics, and chess season, a whole new slew of sports), but I’ve decided to offer a Free Bonus Conversion Training.

If, by the end of this blog, you want to learn more about my conversion process, you’ll be able to join me on my free conversion training at no cost.  Consider it, my gift to you.

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Cool… now let’s talk money.

I want you to think of your conversion process as a relationship.

And your initial interaction, is basically like going on a first date.


Your prospect is curious about you and if you fit the criteria and guidelines for what they are looking for.

So initially, we have to make them feel good about us and build some trust. (especially if we have hopes for a second date)

Sadly, though, if your business isn’t growing at the pace you’d like, too many people think it’s a traffic problem, which most of the time, isn’t the case.

Most likely, its a conversion problem, or more specifically a communication problem.

You see in today’s markets, we have so many options, so many solutions, that we have to find ways to stand out from the crowd.  And this stems from how we communication to your prospect why they want to choose YOU.

Unfortunately, you can’t just hang a sign out that says “Available” and all the clients come running to you.





Our job is to find our dream clients and direct them away from the other 9,000 options, and guide them towards YOU.

This is why having a conversion system that WORKS is key to your business’ growth.  Nobody wants to lose prospects over not having a simple conversion system.

From the moment a prospect contacts you, we have to put them on a “path” to romance them and guide them to be your client.

It’s very much like a first date.

Do something wrong, and there will be no second date.

Do everything right, and maybe get a kiss goodnight.  😉

So I thought I’d show you how my conversion system works. 

These key elements help guide me to gaining 10k-60k clients, from just a phone call.


1. Be consistent. You cannot attract anyone who thinks that you are here and there and everywhere.  I see some people trying to do so many things, that it kind of makes my head spin.  Be consistent in your mission, in your purpose and in your delivery.  This makes you attractive to the clients that you want to work with.


2. Be human. You want to be able to make connections with your prospects.  Sometimes being “real” and “vulnerable” goes a long way to building connections and trust.


3. Be knowledgeable.  You want to make sure that you are the expert in your market, so know the in’s, the out’s, the up’s the down’s.  Most of all, be able to communicate this in a way that can help your prospect.  They came to you to for a specific reason, so make sure you can deliver.


4. Be concise.  You must be able to be direct and concise.  No one wants their time to be wasted. Speak directly to your prospects, needs, wants and desires.  Leave out all the non-necessary stuff.  Every word must be for a specific reason, and on purpose.  Lose the fluff.


5.  Be the solution.  You have to prove that you are the one they’ve been searching for, the one who can bring them their desired result, and then close the deal.


Start with these key, simple principles and you will be on the track to building a better conversion system in your business.


I’m opening up my free conversion training to show you how simple and easy to implement my conversion process it, and how it can help boost your bottom line.

If you want me to help you build your conversion process in your business, then click here to join my free training. 

I’m not sure how long I will make this training available, so if I were you I would get in on this quickly.

Click here to join now.

Fortune favors the swift on this one 😉

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